Created in 2016, FilmExport is the only platform in Morocco to promote Moroccan cinema internationally. It’s an unprecedented project that aims to be an effective solution to give visibility to national productions that have known in recent years a remarkable development both in terms of quantity and quality.

Filmexport is one of the ambitious and promising projects incubated by the HIBA Foundation. A royal foundation that was founded in 2006 at the initiative of His Majesty King Mohammed VI. A non-profit organization working for the development and promotion of art in all its forms: Cinema, Music, Photography, Fashion and Design, Street Arts, Dance and Theater.

FilmExport, supports Moroccan filmmakers and producers by integrating their productions into its catalog and website, that have been created specifically to participate to the audiovisual rights markets in Africa and around the world such as Discop, The MICA, Asian Film Market, Berlin, Cannes, London and Toronto. In order to have more visibility and therefore to sell the various Moroccan productions.

For the first time in Morocco, broadcast rights holders can enjoy the presence of a confident intermediary and communication facilitator which will give them the opportunity to present their productions to buyers of audiovisual rights. Indeed, the peculiarity of this innovative project is that it is part of a digital communication strategy, based on a digital platform "" and various social networks.