Directed by : Taha IBN SLIMANE

Production : ZORO LIGHT Production

Country : Morocco

Language : Arabic

Release date : 2019

Runtime : 102 min

Cast : Rafik Boubker, Hassan Badida, Sanaa Bahaj, Salah Bensalah, Zhor Slimani, Khadija Adly, Abdessamad El Rhorfi, Said Drif, Taha Ibn Slimane

  • A classic car belonging to the boss of the local mafia goes missing from the garage of a mechanic called Kwika who had taken it in to do some repairs. kwika thus finds himself in a dangerous predicament with the boss who asks him to pay for the full value of the car within the month. kwika has no choice, he has to find the money but unfortunately has no way of doing so and has already suffered several threats and beatings by Kiama. With time passing by quickly, he decides on the spur of the moment to sell one of his kidneys to a family whose child called Ismail is sick, in only one condition, that he has the surgery in Singapore. kwika and Ismail leave for Singapore but once they land in Cambodia and leave the airport, they have all their belongings stolen. They find themselves in a tragi-comic situation in Cambodia where they have to find a way for organising the surgery as well as getting back home to Morocco.