Taxi Bied

Taxi Bied

Director : Moncef MALZI

Production : Louzin Film Industry

Scenario : Moncef MALZI, Youssef AIT MANSSOUR

Runtime : 90 min

Release Date : 2019

Cast :: Mohamed KHIARI, Sahar SEDDIKI, Mouhcine MALZI, Anas EL BAZ, Hassan FOULANE, Saida BAADI, Ali KAROUITI, Mehdi FOULANE, Fadoua TALEB, Nasser AKABAB, Abdessalam BOUHCINI, Issam BALALIOUI

  • The main life mission of young officer «Said» is to catch «Bouawina», the most dangerous drug dealer in the region. While «Bouawina» was on his way for a suspicious affair, he collided with a taxi, driven by «Allal», «Said»’s friend, who was transporting «Nouhe», «haj Ibrahim» and «Mounia», a young nurse in love with officer «Said». Taken hostage to transport the dealer’s merchandise, the passengers of the Taxi will spend the worst misadventure of their life. «Said» is ready to do anything to capture his enemy and save the group ...