Raja, bent El mellah

Raja, bent El mellah

Directed by:  Abdelilah Eljaouhary

Production: Moroccan Movie Group

Scriptwriter: Abdelilah Eljaouhary

Country: Morocco

Language: Arabic

Release date: 2015

Runtime: 70 min

Cast: Najat Bensalem, Oum Laid Ait Youss, Halima Bensalem, Pascal Grégory

  • Najat  Benssalem a girl who is carried across in a cinematic adventure with French director Jacques Doillon participating in his Raja movie bringing him the price of the most promising actress at the Venice Film Festival and Best Actress at the Marrakech Film Festival. Prices that would open the doors of happiness. But in reality this participation has opened the gates of hell in a society that considers his actresses as it shows on the screen.