Directed by:  Driss Mrini

Production  : Prisma

Scriptwriter  : Mohamed Hassan AL JOUNDI

Country :  Maroc

Language : Arabe

Subtitles : Français

Release date : 1983

Runtime   : 95 min

Cast :  Badia RAYANE, Mohamed Hassan AI JOUNDI, Mohamed HABACHI et Larbi DOGHMI

  • Bamou tells through a torn love story marked by the adventures of the struggle against foreign occupation, the drama of a local couple, determined to safeguard its innocent relationship and its civilizational heritage in a spirit of purity and sacrifice .

    Through the different events, other social factors arise from the contradiction between self-affirmation and submission to foreign influences. They are in a way the product of the inevitable alliance directed against all forms of colonialist alienation.

    The events will at once be intertwined and interfere with this dialectic : the sacrifice for the affirmation of the personality and the devotion to the country.