La Grande Villa

La Grande Villa

Directed by : Latif Lahlou

Production: Cinetelema

Photography Director: Jean Claude Aumont

Country : Morocco

Release date : 2009

Runtime: 111 minutes

Genre: Comedy- Drama

Editing: Njoud Jeddad

Cast : Melanie Maudran, Hicham Nazzal, Naima Lemcherqui, Jilali Ferhati, Bule Ogier

  • Rachid, Laurence, and their son Sami are living in Paris. They have decided since a longtime to leave in order to dwell in Morocco while Laurence will have obtained her aggregation in medicine.

    The departure of the family for Morocco is foreseen at the beginning of summer leaves. Despite the reluctance of Laurence's parents, worried to see the daughter "leaving for adventure", the preparation of the journey starts... This return to the country puts the couple step by step in danger fortifying some preconceived ideas on the lifestyle differences.