Production: WAKA FILMS- zap producciones (espagne) / tingitania films (maroc)

Scriptwriter: gerardo bellod

Country : Morocco

Language: Spanish

Subtitles: Arab-Frensh-English

Runtime: 101 minutes

Music: jorge arriagada

Editing: pablo g. Plant

Cast: Mariola Fuentes, Salima Benmoumen, Lou Doillon, Nabila Baraka, Chete Lera...

  • A film adaptation of the novel of the same name, published in 1976 by tangiers writer Angel Vasquez.

    Juanita, daughter of an English father from Gibraltar and an Andalusian mother, tells us with great humour of her sorrow and desires and the lives of the women around her: Her sister Helena, educated at the Lycée and who is searching for her freedom; Esther, her intimate friend and a Sephardi Jew, who devotes her life to an impossible love with a Moroccan; and Hamruch, the faithful Moroccan maid. Forming a backdrop to these lives : the Spanish civil War with the entry of Jalifenaw ( spanish­Moroccan) troops into Tangiers and the second World War with the arrival of refugees form Europe.

    Juanita, final witness ti the « paradise » that was international Tangiers, where culturesand religions lived together, and at the same time the last vestige of « colonialism », finds herself left alone in a city that, after Moroccan independence in 1956, is returning to its Arabic Origins.