Scriptwriter: Mohamed ISMAIL, Abdelilah ben HADDAR et Reine DANAN

Country : Morocco

Genre: Drama

Language: Arabic-Frensh

Subtitles: Frensh-English

Release date : 2010

Runtime: 113 minutes

Color: colors

Cast : Rachid EL OUALI, Mouna FETOU, Hanane IBRAHIMI, Mohamed KHOUYI, Saad T’SULI

  • M’faddal, Abdelhamid and Abdeslam, three close friends and recently graduated from Rabat university will find themselves, despite their brilliant studies, jobless. 

    After a long and tough quest for work, the three friends are forced to take separate ways. Abdelhamid et Abdeslam set their minds to go back to their hometown, Oued laou, a tiny town in the north of Morocco. They are willing to set up their own businesses which have nothing to do with the studies they take in Rabat university.

    Backed by a Musim fundamentalist cell, Abdelhamid is going to open his cybercafé in Oued laou.  As an excellent orator, Abdelhamid will soon be appointed as Oued laou mosque imam, an occupation which he leaves after a short while to become Mézouaq mosque imam, the Mecca of all Moroccan fundamentalists.

    Abdeslam is a quiet person. He is looking for a peaceful life.  Once in Oued laou, he will take advantage of a bank loan for the development of the rural world to purchase a micro bus . He wants tu turn it into a taxi.  Abdeslam work really hard to get married to Khadouj,  M’faddal’s sister, who can no longer bear being single.

    M’faddal doesn’t want to go back to Oued Laou to look for a cheap job which isn’t related anyhow to his high degree in legal studies. He starts to hang around with the members of an association of unemployed high degree holders who go for daily sit-ins in front of the Moroccan parliament despite police violent raids.

    It’s an opportunity for him to meet Saliha, a liberal young woman. She is unemployed, too

    M’faddal and Saliha have an ephemeral love affair.

    Moustafa and Laarbi are M’Faddel new roommates when Abdeslam and abdelhamid leave Rabat for Ouad Laou.

    M’faddal will be forced to reconsider his positions due to daily and bloody contacts against police forces and also to the failure of the association to lobby the government. Saliha’s immigration to the Persian gulf and Lektami’s murder will comfort M’Faddel un his new decision.

    Disappointed, M’faddal goes back to his hometown, a strange place for him now. Despite numerous changes, the towns still offer very few business opportutinities. Following his mum’s and sister’s tips, M’faddal will go back to his old love, Saadia, a widow now.

    El Hachmi, Saadia’s father, considering M’faddal’s return as a boon , will help his daughter execute her dead husband’s legacy.

     M’Faddel helps El Hachemi reposition himself as a notorious drug dealer.

    El Hachmi will hire M’Faddel despite his daughter.

    Successful deliveries repat themselves and M’Faddel takes good cuts out of each of them despite his father’s disagreement.  Abdeslam, his new brother-in-law tries hard to make M’Faddel leave the dirty business, but in vain.

    Xavier, the most powerful drug dealer and El Ktami’s assassin, asks El Hachemi to pay back his late son-in-law’s debts. M’Faddal, who hates Xavier, asks El Hachemi to refuse such settlement .

    M’Faddal will have a bloody final face to face with Xavier: Both man die.

    Saadia is to mourn her slain husband once again.

    Uneployed degree holders still stage sit-ins before the Moroccan parliament to lobby the government to find a way out of this predicament.