Directed by: Mohamed Ismail

Production: VIDEORAMA

genre: Fiction

Country: Morocco 

Language: Arabic 

Subtitles: Arabic - Frensh 

Runtime: 122 Minutes 


  • Martyr child, Amine evolved in a climate of hatred, determined to flee the model of his father victim of a disguised crime committed by his stepmother grumbling, Amine promises a better destiny. Reaching successfully at the post of Structural engineer so desired, the aftereffects of his disrupted childhood, dating back to surface and push him to despise the women until the extreme obsession.

    A painful part of his past remained buried in his subconscious. The identification of his stepmother with the women, who approaches, causes him a temporary amnesia and makes him violent in front of his misogyny.

    Bloomed in his work and supported by his best friend and colleague Réda, a good living man, he tries to take advantage of the life both good and bad, but the simple anxiolytics are not enough to control his depressive states related to women, it is therefore obliged to submit himself to a psychiatric treatment among Nora who is doing her utmost to help him by resorting to the hypnosis. Amine which believes he is healed from his evil, met a magnificent woman, Leïla, an oriental professional dancer in a cabaret which transforms her radically.

    Hungry for freedom, this woman is constantly harangued by Momo, his boss possessive, jealous and violent.
    The love that doomed Amine for Leila is unique, he takes all his precautions to behave well with this latter, until the day that she was found dead by strangulation.

    Amine was with Leila a part of the evening but he no longer remembers nothing! he runs to Nora, persuaded that he is himself the culprit. Nora who is absolutely not convinced, prevented him surrounding to the police. Nora who is certain of the innocence of Amine, is then obliged to make use of a stratagem to intern Amine unwillingly in a mental asylum and prevent him as well, to be arrested by the police who already suspect him. The truth eventually occurs; the author of this crime of passion was none other than Momo who did not bear to be abandoned by Leila. A clear conscience but a lost soul, Amine goes finally out of this psychiatric hospital, always shouldered by Nora and resolved to turn this page obscure in his life to go toward the light!